Based in San Marcos California, Farouq is an artist who enjoys the lyrical and connective aspect behind music. With inspirations like Mac Miller, J.I.D, and Mick Jenkins, he turned a smoke sesh hobby into a lifestyle hoping to one day have a platform where he can give back to those who don’t usually get the attention they deserve. A key founder of Share The Wealth Records, he just released his first mixtape The Appetizer following the joint project Freshman Year with Nick.

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Ismael is the manager for Share The Wealth Records and he also raps. He creates album artwork, designs websites, books shows, and loves creating.

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Hi I’m Abby! I’m a little bee in a very big world just collecting my honey through positivity, love and art in all forms (dance, music, paint, drawings and doodles). I love human connection and great conversation so don’t be scared to talk to me because I think I forgot how to sting!!!--

Iain Paul

Iain Paul is 21 years old and goes to UCSD to study Aerospace Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys skating or making music! His new project, Lofi Quarantine is out now! Check out the visualizer here.

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Techno 8

Techno 8 was born in the City of Winston-Salem. As a child Willie was very much into the arts, mainly dance, and music. At the age of 7, he found himself in tune with some of the greatest musicians and entertainers that ever lived such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Prince, and a dash of the Temptations. Fast forward, to November, 9 2019 With his first ever release, of New Gen which would debut on Spotify. Techno knew what he wanted, something simple but catchy. As he quoted, “have people bobbing their heads, and tapping their foot, That’s what I looked for.” The Catchy Rhythm, and abnormal melody of the piano did just that. Techno 8 has continued to make a name for himself in his category of EDM, House, and Electro music.

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Sam Cooked

Dude from San Diego, California making raps in my shed. I try to keep everything in my music truthful. Occasionally you will find a heavy bass beat in my music. This does not entail that the song must be about "gangster" activities. If you find these bassy tunes, my lyrics are most likely about why other dudes like me should refrain from talking about such activities. On the other hand, a lot of my music is me telling myself to work harder in life to make myself happy. I felt other people could maybe use the pep talk too.

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Varvara has been a long time fan of STW and has wanted to contribute to the effort for a while. Vv is looking forward to documenting the rise of STW artists and their growth. Check out her posts on our label’s blog